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Middlesex ; joint editor of " Q. J. M. S.," etc.-[" Diet. N. Biog."]

me, Phebe Lankester (1825-19oo), authoress of

Wild Flowers Worth Notice"; the popular portion of Sowerby's " British Botany," and many other publications ; also wrote weekly in a newspaper for many years under the signature of " Penelope."

me bro, Samuel Pope, Q.C., successful leader of the Parliamentary Bar.

bro, E. Forbes Lankester, first class in " Greats," Oxford, 1877 ; successful barrister.-[" Oxf. Reg."]

bro, S. Rushton Lankester, H. M. Consul, Batavia.

si, Fay Lankester, Secretary of National Health Society.

si, Marion Vatcher, wife of Rev. Sydney Vatcher, Vicar of St. Philip's, Stepney. Both well known in connection with East London organization of help to the poor.

si, Nina Lankester, Superintendent of Female Clerks in Money Order Department of Post Office.

Joseph Lister (b. 1827), created Baronet, 1883 ;

Baron Lister, 1897; F.R.S., P.C., O. M., and numerous other distinctions ; President Royal Soc., 1896-1900 ; Professor of Surgery, Glasgow, 186o-1869, Edinburgh University, 1869-1877, King's Coll., London, 1877-1893 ; famous for discovery of antiseptic treatment in surgery.-[" Ency. Brit.," and " Who's Who."]