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and three times Mayor of Derby.-[Unpublished information.]

wife, nee Bramwell.

wife's fa, Sir Frederick Bramwell, Bart. (18181903), F.R.S., eminent engineer; President British Association, 1888; Pres. Institution of Civil Engineers, 1884-1885 ; Hon. Sec. Royal Institution.[" Who's Who. "]

wife's fa bro, Lord Bramwell (i 8o8 - 1902), Judge, 1856 ; Lord justice, 1876-1881 ; raised to peerage, 1882.-[" Dict. N. Biog.," Suppl. i.]

John Joly (b. 1858), D.Sc., F.R.S., Professor of Geology and Mineralogy in the University of Dublin since 1897; has published many contributions to the Royal Soc., Royal Dublin Soc., etc.-[" Who's Who."]

fa fa, Henry Edward Joly, divine and physician ; is credited with scientific medical views in advance of his time.

me fa, Frederick, Comte de Lust, statesman, author and linguist ; resident Minister of the King of Prussia in London, St. Petersburg, Greece, etc. ; made one of the earliest ascents of Mont Blanc,

in 1816.

fa, John Plunket My (Rev.), accomplished as a painter of bird, insect, and plant life ; left a remarkable collection of pictures behind him; died early.