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Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker (b. I8I7), G.C.S.I.,

F.R.S., President Royal Society, 1872- 187 7,

eminent botanist and traveller ; director of the Royal Gardens, Kew, 1855-1865 ; naturalist to H.M.S. "Erebus" in Antarctic expedition, 18391843 ; botanical travels in the Himalaya, 1847185 1 ; Morocco and Atlas in 1871 ; California and Rocky Mountains, 1877 ; many botanical publications, including "Genera Plantarum."[" Ency. Brit.," xxix., 324 ; "Who's Who."]

me ja, Dawson Turner, F.R.S. (1775-1858)-See PALGRAVE.

fa, Sir William Jackson Hooker (1758-1865), F.R.S., eminent botanist ; director of the Royal Gardens, Kew, which he greatly extended and threw open to the public, and where he founded the museum of economic botany ; Regius Professor of Botany, Glasgow, 1820 ; knighted 1847 ; many botanical publications.-[" Dict. N. Biog."]

me si sons, the four brothers Palgrave.-See


Sir Victor A. Haden Horsley, F.R.S., M. D. (b. 1857), eminent surgeon and operator ; Professor- Superintendent of Brown Institu

tion, 1884 - 1890 ; Professor of Pathology University College, 1893-1896.

fa fa, William Horsley (1774-1858), Mus. Bac. Oxford, musical composer, especially of glees, and