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other societies ; Secretary of the Royal Society ; author of numerous works on geology, also of biographies of David Forbes, Sir R. Murchison, and Sir A. Ramsay.-[" Who's Who," "Ency. Brit."]

fa, James Stewart Geikie (1811-1883), musician and musical critic; author of much psalmody, and of several well-known Scottish melodies, such as

My Heather Hills."

fa br-o, Walter Geikie (1795-1837), R.S.A.,

painter and draughtsman ; author of " Etchings Illustrative of Scottish Character and Scenery." [" Dict. N. Biog."]

me bra, William Thongs, master mariner ; subsequently teacher of navigation in New York ; author of an elaborate treatise on navigation.

bra, James Geikie (b. 1839), LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S. ; Professor of Geology and Mineralogy since 1882, and Dean of the Faculty of Science Edinburgh ; author of many works on geology, and of " Songs and Lyrics by Heinrich Heine."[" Who's Who," and "Ency. Brit."]

fa bro son, Cunningham Geikie (b. 1824), LL.D., D. D., a clergyman ; author of many religious works.

[" Who's Who."]

fa bra son, Walter Bayne Geikie, Professor of Anatomy, and Dean of Medical Faculty, Trinity Coll., Toronto.

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