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founding, and to the philological studies connected with it.-[" Dic. N. Biog."]

w fe, Mariabella, nice Hodgkin, dau of the historian.

Francis Galton (b. 1822), D.C.L., Hon. Sc.D. (Carob.), F.R.S. traveller, anthropologist and biometrician ; author of many works and memoirs on these and analogous subjects, including meteorology, heredity, identification by fingerprints ; latterly a promoter of the study of Eugenics. Gold medal R. Geog. Soc., 1853, for travels in Damaraland, S. Africa ; Royal medal, 1886, and Darwin medal, 1903, of the Royal Soc., for applications of measurement to human faculty ; Huxley medal of the Anthropol. Institute, 1901.-[" Ency. Brit.," and "Who's Who."]

• si, Schimmelpenninck (1/778-1856), Mrs. Mary Anne, author of various works, mostly theological, and on the Port Royalists and Moravians.[" Dic. N. Biog."]

• fa fa, Samuel Galton (I 720-1799), cultured Quaker philanthropist, contractor and banker.[See life of above M. A. S., and the " Annual Register."]

•   me 1 bro, Robert Barclay Allardice ( 1779' 854), commonly known as Capt. Barclay of Ury,

pedestrian, noted for his walking feats, agriculturist. -[" Dic. N. Biog."]