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fa fa, Robert Waring Darwin (1766- 1848), A7. D., F.R.S., sagacious and distinguished physician ; described by his son, Charles R. Darwin, as "the wisest man I ever knew."-[" Life and Letters of Charles R. Darwin," i. 10-20.]

fa fa bro, Charles Darwin (1758 - 1778), of extraordinary promise, gained first gold medal of IEsculapian Society for experimental research ; died from a dissection wound, aged twenty; many obituary notices. - [" Life and Letters of Charles R. Darwin," i. 7.]

fa bro, Erasmus Darwin. (See Carlyle's inexact description, and the appreciations of him by his brother and others, in " Life and Letters of Charles R. Darwin," i. 21-25.)

fa, Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882), F.R.S., the celebrated naturalist. The dates of his works are "Voyage of the Beagle," 1840; "Origin of Species," 1859; followed by a succession of eight important volumes ranging from 1862 to 1881, each of which confirmed and extended his theory of descent. Among the very numerous biographical memoirs it must suffice here to mention " Life and Letters," by Francis Darwin, and " Dict. N. Biog."

me me fa, J osiah Wedgwood, F.R.S. (1730-1795), the famous founder of the pottery works.-[" Dict. N. Biog."]

me me bro, Thomas Wedgwood (1771-1805), an experimenter in early life, and in one sense the first to create photography ; a martyr to ill-health later.