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fa fa, Joachim Dietrich Brandis, born at H ildesheim, where his ancestors had governed the town as Burgemeister for centuries ; practised medicine at Brunswick, Driburg, and Py rmont ; Professor of Pathology at Kiel ; ultimately physician to the Queen of Denmark.

fa, Christian August Brandis, secretary of the Prussian Legation in Rome, 1818; afterwards Professor of Philosophy at Bonn ; went to Athens, 1837-1839, as confidential adviser to King Otho, partly with regard to the organization of schools and colleges in Greece; author of a " History of Greek Philosophy."

me bro, Friedrich Hausmann, Professor of Mineralogy and Geology at Gottingen ; author of a " Handbook of Mineralogy."

bro, Johannes Brandis, for many years Kabinetsrath of H. M. Empress Augusta, Queen of Prussia.

me Si son, J ulius von Hartmann, commanded a cavalry division in the Franco-German War ; after the war was Governor of Strasburg.

Alexander Crum Brown (b. 1838), M. D., D.Sc., LL. D., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry at Edinburgh University since 1869 ; president of the Chemical Soc., London, 1892-1893.-[" Who's Who."]

fa fa fa, John Brown (1722-1787), of Haddington, Biblical commentator; as a herd boy taught G2