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Positivist Community; authority on Trades Union Law, and author of " Industrial Conciliation." me si son, Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe, F.R.S.

Robert Holford- Macdowall Bosanquet, F.R.S. (b. 1841). Fellow of St. John's Coll., Oxford; author of many mathematical and physical memoirs, chiefly in the " Philosophical Magazinc.

fa fa bra, Sir John Bernard Bosanquet (17731847), Judge of Common Pleas, 1830; Lord Commissioner of Great Seal, 1835-1836. - [" Dict. N. Biog. "]

bvo, Bernard Bosanquet (b: 1848), Prof. of Moral Philosophy, St. Andrews, since 1903 ; formerly Fellow of University Coll., Oxford ; worked in connection with Charity Organization Society ; author of many books on philosophy.-[" Who's Who. "]

bro, Vice-Admiral Day Hort Bosanquet (b. 1843), Commander-in-Chief West Indian Station since 1904; previously Commander-in-Chief East Indian.

[" Who's Who."]

fa son, Charles Bertie Pulleine Bosanquet (b. 1834), a founder and the first secretary of the Charity Organization Society.

me fa bra, Hay Macdowall (d. 1806), Com

mander-in-Chief of Madras Presidency.

fa son soil, Robert Carr Bosanquet (b. 18-1), archa.ologist, director of British School of Archaeology at Athens.