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John Russell ; raised to peerage 1859.-[" Dict. N. Biog."]

me bro, Sir George Grey (1799-1882), Home

Secretary 1846-18,52, 1855-1858, 1861- I S66 ; carried

the Bill that abolished transportation.

me fa bro, Charles Grey (1764-1845), second Earl Grey, Prime Minister; carried the Reform Bill.---[" Dict. N. Biog."]

me si son, Sir Edward Jenkinson (b. 18J5), K.C.B., Private Secretary to Lord Spencer when Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.-[" Who's Who."]

Descended from fa fa fa bro, Rev. S. BaringGould (b. 1834), author of numerous novels and works on theology and history.-[" Who's Who."]

William Thomas Blanford, LL.D., F.R.S. ;

(1832-1905), on staff of Geological Survey of India, 1855-1882 ; accompanied Abyssinian Expedition and Persian Boundary Commission ; sometime President of Geological Society and of Asiatic Soc. of Bengal, also of Geological Section British Assoc.; author of works dealing with the geology and zoology of Abyssinia, Persia, and India.-[" Who's Who."]

fa, William Blanford, established a manufacturing business in London, and was a founder, and for many years Chairman, of the Thames Plate Glass Company.

me bro, Alfred Simpson, established a large and