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• fa bro, Alexander Baring, first Baron Ashburton (1 774-1848), financier and statesman ; head for many years of Baring Brothers and Co.; member of Sir Robert Peel's Cabinet of 18,5; raised to peerage 1835; Commissioner to U.S.A., 1842, for Settlement " Ashburton Treaty" of Boundary Dispute.-[" Dict. N. Biog."]

me me, Hon. Lady Grey, nee Whitbread (17701858), prominent in every work of Christian philanthropy during twenty-four years in the Commissioner's house in Plymouth, afterwards in Ireland. [" Record " newspaper, May 26, 1858.]

fa, Francis Thornhill Baring (1786-1866), first Baron Northbrook, double first at Oxford, I81 7 ; First Lord of the Admiralty.-[" Dict. N. Biog."]

• 670, Thomas Baring (1799-I873), financier ; refused Chancellorship of Exchequer, also a peerage ; head for many years of Baring Brothers and Co.[" Dict. N. Biog."]

• bro, Charles Baring (18O7-I879), double first at Oxford, 1829 ; Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, 1856, of Durham, 1861.-[" Dict. N. Biog."]

• fa bro son, Evelyn Baring (b. 1841), first Earl Cromer, P.C., son of H. Baring, M.P. ; passed first into staff college from Royal Artillery ; made successively Baron, Viscount, and Earl, for services in Egypt.-[" Who's Who," and " Ency. Brit."]

• fit si son, Henry Labouchere (1798-1869), first Baron Taunton, first-class " Greats " at Oxford ; Cabinet Minister under Lord Melbourne and Lord