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Breed under the existing conditions of Law and Sentiment."

Great steps towards estimating the values of the influences concerned in effecting it had been made in the meantime by Professor Karl Pearson. 'He took up my work on Correlation [104], vastly extending its theory, and adding largely to the data. I had gone no further than to obtain simple results based on the Gaussian law of distribution ; he worked out those results with great mathematical skill and elaboration. He also generalised them so as to deal with other laws of distribution than the Gaussian.

Moreover, Professor Karl Pearson established a Biometric Laboratory in University College, where accurate computations are made, and whence a quarterly publication, Biometrika, is issued. It was established by him and Professor Weldon, whose untimely death has been a deep sorrow to many friends and a serious loss to the science of heredity. I also was nominally connected with Biometrika as " Consulting Editor.

The ground had thus become more or less prepared for further advance ; so, after talking over the matter with the authorities of the University of London, and obtaining their ready concurrence, * I supplied sufficient funds to allow of a small establishment for the furtherance of Eugenics. The University provided rooms, and gave the sanction of their name and various facilities, and I provided the salaries for a Research Fellow and for a Research Scholar. The Eugenics Laboratory of the University of London is now situated in University College, in connection with Professor Karl Pearson's biometric