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poses only. I took advice on the subject, notably of Herbert Spencer, and I think (though I cannot say for certain) from Dr. W. Farr also. Dr. W. Farr {z 807--83) was the head of the Registration Department in Somerset House. I frequently consulted him, and always to my advantage, for he was highly gifted and cultured. He was most sympathetic, and keenly appreciated what might be called the poetical side of statistics, as shown by his Annual Reports and other publications.

The size of my circular was alarming. Though naturally very shy, I do occasional acts, like other shy persons, of an unusually bold description, and this was one. After an uneasy night, I prepared myself on the following afternoon, and not for the first time before interviews that were likely to be unpleasant, by what is said to have been the usual practice of Buffon before writing anything exceptional, namely, by dressing myself in my best clothes.

I can confidently recontmend this plan to shy men as giving a sensible addition to their own self-respect, and as somewhat increasing the respect of others. In this attire I went to a meeting of the Royal Society, prepared to be howled at ; but no ! my victims, taken as a whole, tolerated the action, and some even approved of it.

Much experience of sending circular questions has convinced me of the impossibility of foretelling whether a particular person will receive them kindly or not. Some are unexpectedly touchy. In this very case, a man of high scientific distinction, with whom I was well acquainted, who was of good social position, of whose family many details were already known to me,