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the 4.1 very first men in Classics at Cambridge in each of these 4.1 years were known and published. It will be sufficient as an example to give the names of 7 of these Senior Classics, all of whom had a father, brother, or son whose success was as notable as their own (I count a Senior Wrangler as equal to a Senior Classic). They are : 3 Kennedys, 2 Lushingtons, i Wordsworth, and i Butler. This fact alone would justify a serious attempt to inquire into Hereditary Ability, and I soon found the power of heredity to be as fully displayed in every other direction towards which I turned. The Myttons mentioned in Chapter VIII. were an unquestionable instance of a very peculiar hereditary temperament.

After many months of hard work, I wrote, in 1865, two preliminary papers in Macmillan's Magazine, entitled " Hereditary Talent and Character" [20]. These contain the germs of many of my subsequent memoirs, the contents of which went to the making of the following books : Hereditary Genius, 1869; English Men of Science, 1874; Human Faculty, 1883 ; Natural Inheritance, 1889 ; and to my quite recent writings on Eugenics. On re-reading these articles, I must say that, considering the novel conditions under which they were composed, and notwithstanding some crudeness here and there, I am surprised at their justness and comprehensiveness. It has fortunately been my usual habit (sometimes omitted) of keeping copies of my various memoirs, .which are now bound in volumes. There are considerably more than a hundred and seventy publications in all, as will be gathered from the not wholly complete list in the Appendix, and I am pleased to