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he went down to the cellar with his family, all of them brimful of kindly feelings, to taste the result. He turned the tap, a beautifully clear fluid ran into his glass ; he lifted it with gratitude to his lips, when suddenly his countenance fell ; he sipped a second time and exploded in wrath, for the fluid was pure water. The fact was that each Jew had said to himself, `What matters it whether I put in a spirit which costs money, or water which costs nothing? My own contribution will make no sensible difference to the total result.' As every Jew acted on this principle, the result was pure water.

" Now each of you who perceive Number-Forms has acted in a similar way, so there has been no response to my request ; but I cannot let the matter drop, therefore I call on Professor S-, whom I see on the platform, and who, I know, perceives these Forms, to hold up his hand, and I trust then that you who have hitherto abstained through shyness will do so likewise."

The appeal succeeded ; up went Professor S -'s hand, and up went a multitude of scattered hands all about the body of the hall.

In 1881 I gave one of the Friday Evening Lectures at the Royal Institution on the Visions of Sane Persons [65], in which I dwelt on the far greater frequency than was supposed, of hallucinations and illusions among individuals in normal health, as ascertained through numerous inquiries verbally or by letter. It very often happened that the verbal reply to my question took a form like this, " No, no ; I've never had any hallucination " ; then, after a pause,