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Before quitting this subject I may be allowed to tell a tale thereon. I had to deliver a lecture at the British Association, in which these Number-Forms were to be spoken of, and did a rash thing. It was that after describing their character and frequency,, I said, " Now, will every person in this large meeting who is conscious of seeing a Number-Form, hold up his hand? " There was a dead silence ; those who should have responded were too shy to move, and not a hand was raised. I suddenly bethought myself of a tale that had not long since appeared in the Times, as told by a German soldier to his comrades over a bivouac fire, to account for a want of solidarity in the French resistance. It was this, and I told it

with some variations to the meeting:- The Chief Rabbi of Dantzig was a wealthy and

hospitable man. (I repeat what I read, and beg pardon if the tale was applied to the wrong, person.) One day his house caught fire and even the contents of his good cellar suffered. The Jews took counsel what to do for their beloved Rabbi. First a handsome subscription was proposed, but overruled ; then another idea was mooted, then another, each less costly than the preceding ; and at the last it was agreed that every Jew should visit the house on a day to be fixed, and bring with him a bottle of Eau de Vie de Dantzig (the original said "wine "). That after an appropriate speech of greeting to the Rabbi, he should descend into the cellar and empty his bottle into a vat prepared for the purpose. The day came, the Chief Rabbi prepared a sumptuous collation, and listened with delight to the flattering addresses of his guests ; then, when the ceremony was concluded,