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tection was that the flight of a bullet does not describe a symmetrical curve. Its course is nearly straight at first, then gradually curves downward until it may be said to plunge. If A. and B. are in full sight of one another but at some little distance apart, and fire at one another, the courses of the incoming and outgoing bullet are different. That of the incoming bullet is higher by several inches or feet than the outgoing. Consequently, if a shield be interposed, near to A., above his line of shooting and at such a height that it will not interfere with his outgoing shot, it will effectually prevent a shot of B. from touching him, and conversely. The numerical conditions are worked out on the paper. The idea took the fancy of some of the audience, as one that might possibly be of much service.

I was a humble sharer in an undertaking started by Herbert Spencer, of establishing a weekly newspaper of literature and science, that was to eclipse the existing ones. His contention was that, if a few selected men were to combine each to write one article weekly, on a subject within his own province, a periodical might be produced that would have great weight and authority. The late Sir Frederick Pollock undertook its general editorship, to be helped in all details by a paid sub-editor, Mr. B., while he would keep the more purely literary portion in his own hands. Tom Hughes (the anther of Tonz Brown) lent us his rooms and his co-operation. Tyndall undertook Physical Science; Huxley took Physiology, with reservation, as he could not afford to give much gratuitous work ; Spencer, of course, took Philosophy ; my part was to look after Travels and Geography, and