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Compilation of the Art of Travel-Lectures at Aldersbot

I lehostat- Rifle screen-Reader newspaper

I WAS rather unsettled during; a few years, wishing to undertake a fresh bit of geographical exploration, or even to establish myself in some colony ; but I mistrusted my powers, for the health that had been much tried had not wholly recovered. On the other hand, there was abundance of useful work at home. Geographical exploration had become a topic of general interest. Burton had penetrated to Mecca. Japan was opened, and Laurence Oliphant had returned thence. Dr. Barth had come back at last from his long exploration of North Africa, including districts which are now under British and French rule and well mapped, but at that time were either partially or quite unknown. It is very different now ; a letter can be sent for a penny to Kano, and 'Finibuctoo has become a French military station. Arctic expeditions by land and sea were then much to the fore; Dr. Rae (1813-1893) had performed his great journeys in Arctic North America, with a wonderfully small and inexpensive equipment. Lesseps was engaged in obtaining support for making the Suez Canal, and I must say that the British,