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way we visited and, some of them more than once, Spa, Vichy, Contr6x6ville, Wildbad, Baden, Royat, and Mont Dore les Bains. We also often went to the Riviera and elsewhere. My finances had at this time to be considered rather carefully, as an income which was sure to arrive eventually was longg delayed, and the property that was to yield it entailed a cost that almost swallowed up its profits. But there was no real stint ; we had quite sufficient fortune for an unpretending establishment, with abundant leisure besides.

Certainly we led a life that many in our social rank might envy. Among our friends were not a few notable persons, a full half of whom were first known to me through the connections of my wife. Then I was blessed with an abundance of animal spirits and hopefulness, though they were dashed temporarily over and over again by the great readiness with which my brain became overtaxed; however, I always recuperated quickly. Once I had a bad reminder of my old, Syrian ague, but, thanks to quinine (which the ancients would have deified had they known of its virtues), the malady passed away so far out of sight as to have since recurred only at long intervals.

One of the pleasantest description of events in those days were the long walks I took, especially at Eastertime, with one or other of my brothers-in-law, or with their or my own friends. Let me venture to describe my own views as to provisions suitable for a day's walk during a homely tramp. They are such as can be procured at any town however small, are tasty, easy to carry, exempt from butter, which is apt to leak

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