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Yacht to Norway-Dover-Marriage-Relations of my own ; those of my wife

Q N returning to F ngland, my gratification was great in finding all my immediate relatives well and eager to welcome me. But I was rather used up in health, and desired to get out of the way of being lionised, which is exceedingly wearisome to the lion after the first excitement and novelty of the process have worn away. So I gladly accepted an invitation from Sir Hyde Parker to yacht and fish with him in Norway. He was a famed fisherman, and had landed in Norway the largest salmon on record with a fly, 66 lb. in weight, authoritatively confirmed. Several of his yachting friends were to have sailed at the

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'lcclio~rarcrin ' thell g;±ring ('It ; dill c(piclltly, after the loss of some precious days, we were accompanied only by the yachts of Mr. Bentinck and Mr. Milner Gibson.

The former told us interesting anecdotes of Lord Brougham's early rise at the Bar, how eagerly his help was sought by the smart men of those days when they got into scrapes, as being more likely to get them out of their difficulties than any one