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same direction as itself. This process may be repeated on a third needle of considerably larger size and greater strength ; and if desired, on a fourth. The force required to keep all this going is independent of that which moves the first needle, and is applied by a reciprocating beam worked by ordinary power. The synchronising of the two stations is a simple matter, no great precision being wanted in order that the electric impulses should be delivered to the first needle at the right times. Without going further into this long bygone matter, I may say that I printed what I had to tell in a pamphlet entitled the Telotype (No. i in the text of my Memoirs in the Appendix). The pamphlet was post-dated, after the manner of some publishers, as being in June i850. I t was really printed in 1849 ; I had left England for my travels on April 5, 185o. The pamphlet had long since gone into the limbo of the forgotten, so it was a surprise to me, not many years ago, to meet one of the most prominent electricians of the day, who told me that he had seen and procured it for the library of the Electrical Society. Moreover, he spoke appreciatively of my youthful attempt. Requiescal in pace. There was more in the pamphlet than is described above.