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taking it up, I knocked its head, English fashion, against the stock of my gun. I ought to have cut its throat with my knife, while repeating the Moslem formula, I caught sight of a look of abhorrence on the face of my companions, and thereupon evidently ceased to be considered as one of themselves, but as a hateful and hypocritical Christian ; so I was glad to be allowed soon to depart.

After a brief stay about Jericho, where I tasted and foolishly bathed in the nasty, sticky, dense water

)f the lhitumirnorrs lead Sea, which stuck in m y hair

for the day, I returned to .J etu4a1em with the I

of transporting a boat. But finding that I was wanted at home on some legal business, that it was desirable to be out of the way of the claimants to the little property of poor Ali, my late dragoman, and feeling ill and used-up, I set sail with my two monkeys homewards.

I was put in quarantine in the Lazarette of Marseilles for, I think, ten days. Its superior officer was a military martinet. One of my monkeys got loose and ran all about the Lazarette, where, according to rule, he ought to have put every article that he touched into at least the same quarantine as himself, and there were bales of goods in store. The officer was transported with rage, and actually ran after the nimble monkey with drawn sword, to the intense amusement of the onlookers and of the monkey. I quietly captured him at last. The officer vented his feelings in appropriate language, but as he could do no more, the breach of quarantine regulations was overlooked, and so the matter ended.

When I reached London, on a chilly November