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Royal Society, of whom I shall have to speak later, laid much stress on the general aspect of mathematical papers as indicating in many ways the value of their contents, and I could quote other authorities to a similar effect.

We had a pleasant and a social time at Aberfeldy, for the residents in the neighbourhood were very kind to us. Sir Neil and Lady Menzies of Menzies Castle, to whom I had an introduction, lived amid Highland surroundings. One of these consisted of a full-dressed piper who strutted up and down the long hall during dinner with the self-sufficiency of the

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bomluable instrument. But there was also an abundance of Southern culture.

The visit of the Queen to Lord Breadalbane at the neighbouring Castle of Taymouth gave rise to the following permanent impression on me. On returning to my rooms after a walk, J found all my books and things taken away and replaced by the gear of a cavalry officer, who was sitting uninvited at my own table as lord and master of it. I could hardly contain my wrath, but he was courteous and amused, though firm. He was billeted there, consequently I must give way and yield my occupancy to him. He had been told there was another room available for me to which my things had been taken, but go I must and at once. This little incident made me realise the odiousness and too probable insolence of military rule, and the lesson sank deep. I gained on the spot a Quaker-like repugnance to the sight of the accoutrements of a soldier, that exists to this day under certain conditions, and its source is still recognisable.