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graduations at the heads of the vertical lines by which the table is divided. The entries between the divisions are the numbers per io,ooo of those who receive sums between the amounts specified by those divisions. Thus, by the hypothesis, 2500 receive more than M but less than M +i°, 1613 receive more than M +1° but less than M +2°, and so on. The terminals have only an inner limit, thus 35. receive more than 4°, some to perhaps a very large and indefinite amount. The divisions might have been carried much farther, but the numbers in the classes between them would become less and less trustworthy. The left half of the series exactly reflects the right half. As it will be useful henceforth to distinguish these classes, I have used the capital or large letters R, S, T, U, V, for those above mediocrity and corresponding italic or smal letters, r, s, t, u, v, for those below mediocrity, r being the counterpart of R, s of S, and so on.

In the lowest line the same values are given, but more roughly, to the nearest whole percentage.

It will assist in comprehending the values of different grades of civic worth to compare them with the corresponding grades of adult male stature in our nation. I will take the figures from my Natural Inheritance," premising that the distribution of stature in various peoples has been well investigated and shown to be closely normal. The average