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Hereditary Genius
Blair, Matthew; winner of Decies prize at Newcastle in 1859 champion of 11 stone
men at Newcastle in 1862.
B. Robert; winner of Decies prize at Newcastle in 1857.
B. Joseph; winner of Decies prize in 1861; 2d 11 stone man at Newcastle in 1862,
and at Carlisle, 1863.
Daley, Charles; champion 10.5 stone, Newcastle, 1839.
B. John; 2d 10 stone, Newcastle, 1840 and 1842.
[B.] William; moderately good.
Ewbank, Noble; champion of all weights at Newcastle, 1858, 1859, 1860; champion
of picked men at Newcastle, 1859; champion of all weights, Carlisle, 1858.
F. Joseph; champion of all weights at Newcastle, 1847.
[B.] Joseph; only a second-rate wrestler.
Glaister, William; champion, Newcastle, 11 stone, 1850; 2d all weights, Newcastle,
1851; 2d all weights, Carlisle, 1856.
B. George; very good.
Golightly, Frank; a famous wrestler in the last century.
B. Tom; champion at Melmerby.
Gordon, Robert; champion all weights, Carlisle, 1836 and 1846; ad, 1837, 1839,
1840, 1845, and 1848; champion all weights at Newcastle, 1846.
B. William; a good wrestler.
[B.] Thomas; tolerably good.
n. Robert Lowthian; champion light weights, Newcastle, 1855 and 1860.
Harrington, Joseph; champion light weights at Newcastle, 1844, 1853, 1854;
champion 11 stone, Newcastle, 1855; 2d all weights at Newcastle, 1845.
B. Charles; champion light weights, Newcastle, 1848; 2d, 1849.
S. James Scott.
Irving, George; champion all weights, Carlisle, 1827 and 1828.
S. George; very good light weight wrestler. Previous page Top Next page