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Hereditary Genius
few others of which I have particulars, and which I have italicized in
the above list, begging it at the same time to be understood that I do
not mean to say that many of the remainder may not also be
distinguished for the eminence of their kinsmen; I have not cared to
make extensive and minute inquiries, because the following list is
amply sufficient for my purpose. It is obvious that the descending
relationships must be generally deficient, since the oldest of all the
Senior Classics took his degree in 1834, and would therefore be only
about fifty-seven at the present time. For the most part the sons have
yet to be proved and the grandsons to be born.
There is no case in my list of only a single eminent relationship.
There are four, namely Denman, Goulburn, Selwyn, and Sidgwick, of
only two or three; all the others have four or upwards.
Out of 36 senior classics (all bracketed cases being excluded) since the establishment of
the Tripos in 1834, 14 find a place in the appendix; they are grouped into 10 families.
The Kennedy family has supplied I in 9 out of the entire number of the senior classics.
Bunbury, Edward H.; senior classic, 1833.
gF. Henry, 1st Lord Holland, Secretary-at-War.
gB. The Right Hon. Charles James Fox; illustrious statesman.
gB. The 2d Lord Holland; statesman and social leader. See Fox, in STATESMEN, for
other relationships, including that of the Napier family.
[F.] General Sir H. E. Bunbury, K.C.B., author.
Butler, Rev. H. Montagu, D.D.; senior classic, 1855; Head Master of Harrow.
G. Rev. Dr. George Butler; Dean of Peterborough, previously Previous page Top Next page