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Hereditary Genius
THE position of Senior Classic at Cambridge is of the same rank in
regard to classical achievement as that of Senior Wrangler is to
achievement in mathematics; therefore all that I said about the
severity of the selection implied by the latter degree (see pp. 16-21) is
strictly applicable to the former.  I have chosen the Senior Classics
for the subject of this chapter rather than the Senior Wranglers, for
the reasons explained in p. 197.
The Classical Tripos was established in the year 1824. There have,
therefore, been forty-six lists between that time and the year 1869,
both inclusive. In nine cases out of these, two or more names were
bracketed together at the head of the list as equal in merit, leaving
thirty-six cases of men who were distinctly the first classics of their
several years.   Their names are as follow: — Malkin, Isaacson,
Stratton, Kennedy, Selwyn, Soames, Wordsworth, Kennedy,
Lushington, Bunbury, Kennedy, Goulburn, Osborne, Humphry,
Freeman, Cope, Denman, Maine, Lushington, Elwyn, Perowne,
Lightfoot, Roby, Hawkins, Butler, Brown, Clark, Sidgwick, Abbott,
Jebb, Wilson, Moss, Whitelaw, Smith, Sandys, Kennedy.
It will be observed that the name of Kennedy occurs no less than
four times, and that of Lushington twice, in this short series. I will
give the genealogies of these, and of a Previous page Top Next page