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Hereditary Genius
P. 2, line 10.The title of the work should have been as in p. 363, line 8.
P. 13, line 5.Read a quarter of a million instead of half a million, and
modify the calculation in the next 5 lines accordingly.
P. 22, 5 lines from bottom.—Mr. Goulbum's kinships are wrongly stated;
they are given correctly in p. 301.
P. 50, Chapter on Notation.—No reference has been made here to a
folding sheet which will be found near the end of the book. Its insertion
was an after-thought for the convenience of the reader, who may unfold
and consult it without the trouble of turning over his page.
*,* I am glad of this opportunity to correct a mistake in an article I published this spring, in
Macmillan's Magazine, on the English Judges. I gave in it, provisional results from unrevised
data, corresponding to those in column E in the table p. 61; but by a clerical error in the
computation, I made the entry under Sons more nearly equal to those under Fathers and
Brothers, than it should have been.
The “Genealogical Table of Montagu and North” to be placed to face page 97; and the
“Alphabetical List of the Letters and the Relationships to which they correspond,” to face page
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