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Hereditary Genius
attachment to the Calvinistic faith, and abilities as a statesman, raised him to
the leadership of the Huguenot party after the death of that prince.
g. William I. of Orange, “the Silent.” See under MAURICE.
u. (mother's half-brother.) Maurice of Nassau. See.
uP. William III. of England.
Wellington, the Duke of; greatest of modern English generals, a firm statesman, and
a terse writer. He broke the Mahratta power in India aet. 35; then became
Secretary for Ireland. Aet. 39 was appointed to command the British army in
Spain, and he had won Waterloo and completed his military career aet. 46.
B. Marquess of Wellesley (see under
Governor-General of India,
statesman and scholar.
[B.] Baron Cowley, diplomatist.
[F.] Earl of Mornington, of musical ability.
N. Earl Cowley, diplomatist, English ambassador to France.
N. Rev. Henry Wellesley, D.D., scholar and man of remarkable taste, Principal of
New Inn Hall, Oxford.
William I. of Orange,the Silent See under MAURICE.
S. Maurice of Nassau. See.
S. Frederick William, Stadtholder in the most flourishing days of the Republic.
p. Turenne (see), the great French general.
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