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Hereditary Genius
mention the family of Napier, of Lawrence, and the singular naval
race of Hyde Parker. There were five brothers Grant, all highly
distinguished in Wellington's campaigns. I may as well mention, that
though I know too little about the great Asiatic warriors, Genghis
Khan and Timurlane, to insert them in my appendix, yet they are
doubly though very distantly interrelated.
The distribution of ability among the different degrees of kinship,
will be seen to follow much the same order that it did in the
Statesmen and in the Judges.
Those printed in Italics are included in my Dictionary of
Kinships, They are 32 in number; the remaining 27 are by no
means wholly destitute of gifted relations.
Alexander. Baber. Belisarius. Berwick, Duke of. Blake. Blucher. Bonaparte. Caesar.
Charlemagne. Charles Martel. Charles XII. Clive. Coligny. Conde. Cromwell. Cyrus the
elder. Dandolo. Doria. Dundonald. Lord. Eugene, Prince. Frederick the Great. Genghis
Khan. Gustavus Adolphus. Hannibal. Henri IV. Hyder Ali. Lawrence, Sir H. Mahomet
Ali. Marias. Massena. Maurice of Nassau. Marlborough. Miltiades. Moore, Sir J.
Moreau. Napier, Sir Charles. (Napoleon, see Bonaparte.) Nelson. Peter the Great.
Pericles. Philip of Macedon. Pompey. Pyrrhus. Raleigh. Runjeet Singh. Saladin. Saxe,
Marshal. Schomberg. Scipio Africanus. Soult. Themistocles. Timurlane. Titus. Trajan.
Tromp Marten, Turenne. Wallenstein. Wellington. William I. of Orange, Wolfe.
the Great. Is commonly reputed to be the commander of the greatest
genius that the world has produced. When only aet. 16 he showed
extraordinary judgment in public affairs, having governed Macedonia during the
absence of his father. He succeeded to the throne, and began his great career of
conquest aet. 20, and died aet. 32. Living as he did in a time when the marriage
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