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Hereditary Genius
Francis Galton
Sir William Sydney,        John Dudley, Earl of Warwick
      Soldier and knight         and Duke of Northumberland; Earl
       of renown                 Marshal. “The minion of his time.”
   _________|_________              ___________|___
  |                   |            |               |
Lucy, marr.   Sir Henry Sydney = Mary  Sir Robt. Dudley,  William Herbert
Sir James     three times Lord |       the great Earl of  1st E. Pembroke
Harrington   Deputy of Ireland.|       Leicester.         Statesman and
     __________________________|____________              soldier.
    |                 |                     |               |
Sir Philip Sydney,  Sir Robert,           Mary   = 2d Earl of Pembroke.
Scholar, soldier, 1st Earl Leicester,  Epitaph   | 
  courtier.       Soldier & courtier.  by Ben    |
                      |                Johnson   |
                      |                          |
                   Sir Robert, 2d Earl.       3d Earl Pembroke,
                   “Learning, observation,    Patron of letters.
                   and veracity.”
         |            |                     |
  Philip Sydney,   Algernon Sydney,     Dorothy,
   3d Earl,          Patriot.            Waller's
one of Cromwell's  Beheaded, 1683.     “Saccharissa.”
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